a benefits package with a pension scheme for your employees

Group Pension is a savings scheme for employees providing them with pension benefits at the time of retirement.

Secure your employees' future

Your people are your company’s greatest asset – your competitive advantage. Offering an enhanced benefits package with a solid pension scheme, attracts and keeps your best talents.

No matter what size your business is, with the NIC Multi-Employer Pension Scheme you can provide your employees access to traditional “big company” benefits without the complexity of setting up and managing your own standalone retirement fund or employee pension benefit structures.

The NIC Multi-Employer Pension Scheme provides you with the choice, flexibility, expertise, and the reassurance of a solid pension scheme that best suits your specific business and employee needs.

Take care of your employees’ welfare by securing their financial future with solid retirement savings and benefits!

Benefits for the Employer

Benefits for the Employer

For more information on our Group Pension Scheme or to get a quote for your business, simply call or send us an email.

We will arrange for our Corporate Financial Advisor to meet with you and tailor a financial solution to meet your business needs for the welfare of your employees.