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The current changing lifestyles of today welcome health concerns. A smart move would be to invest in health insurance in time because the more you delay it, the more expensive the premiums may be. Buying it early means better financial planning: Buying it early not only means cheap but makes better financial sense as well. Health Insurance is an affordable option to tackle increasing health care expenses and also prevent sudden loss of money due to accidents and sudden illness. The same money then you can invest in long-term investment plans.

The NIC Healthsense for All allows you to benefit from private health care at the health care provider of your choice while managing your health care costs. HealthSense for All is an individual health insurance plan designed to give you a choice of 3 standard health care coverage options, features, and benefits at affordable premiums. It covers both Inpatient and Outpatient treatment, including surgical treatment and medical expenses, maternity and congenital benefits, pre-& post-natal treatment, and medical, optical, dental, and hearing benefits among others. You can also supplement your health insurance cover with a Catastrophe cover for extra protection.

Key Features:

Why NIC?


Mauritian residents, owning a vehicle are eligible for the NIC Motor Insurance.

1. You may walk into any of NIC branches located in XXX location and seek assistance from our staff.
2. You can log onto our self-serve portal and fill in the online document and send in your request.
3. You can self-apply and avail of the loan via the xxx app/ Link - Please check if this will be applicable.
4. You can give us a missed call on XXXX and our staff will contact you within 24 working hours.
5. You can send us a message on WhatsApp on XXX and our Relationship Experts will call you back within 24 working hours.

For applying for the NIC Motor Insurance you will need to provide:
1. National ID Card
2. Proof of address
3. Telephone Bill – last 3 months

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