NIC Regular Income Annuity Plan

Your parents worked hard to secure your future. It’s your turn now to secure their future.

An annuity is a way to supplement your retired parent’s income and also yours. An annuity income is a good option because it can provide regular payments, tax benefits, and a potential death benefit. It ensures that your parents are well taken care of whether you are here or not. An annual annuity ensures your parents can enjoy their retirement life in peace without the fear of surviving on a tight budget or with no money at all.

The NIC Regular Income Annuity plan is a gift that every child must give to their parents. The NIC Regular Income Annuity plan ensures your parents have peaceful retirement life without having to worry about their savings running out in the event of a longer golden life than expected. It secures your parent’s life with a long-term and stable inflow of funds through a single one-time minimum premium investment of MRU 50,000 only. The NIC Regular Income Annuity Plan is your ideal gif for your parents to make their retirement life peaceful and worry-free.

Key Features:

Why NIC?


1. You may walk into any of NIC branches located in XXX location and seek assistance from our staff.
2. You can log onto our self-serve portal and fill in the online document and self-enroll/ self-purchase the NIC Funeral Care Plan.
3. You can give us a missed call on XXXX and our staff will contact you within 24 working hours.
4. You can send us a message on WhatsApp on XXX and our Relationship Experts will call you back within 24 working hours.

For applying for the NIC Regular Income Annuity Plan
you will need to provide:
1. National ID Card
2. Proof of address
3. Telephone Bill – last 3 months

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