Who We Are


NIC is a purpose-driven brand providing a broad range of innovative products and services for protection, savings, pensions, financing and general insurance for both the individual and corporate markets. NIC holds strong insurance capabilities to serve, protect and empower the nation at large, through its breadth of insurance solutions and services, with the ultimate objective of “Serving You, Serving the Nation”.

The NIC Group is owned by the Government of Mauritius and held through the National Property Fund Ltd, as illustrated in the holding structure. The NIC Group comprises of the National Insurance Co. Ltd (“NIC Life”), NIC General Insurance Co. Ltd (“NIC General”), NIC Healthcare Co. Ltd and NIC Services Co. Ltd. NIC Life has also set up a Trust (“NIC Multi-Employer Pension Scheme”) to promote and manage private pension schemes for SMEs and large corporates.

The National Insurance Co. Ltd and the NIC General Insurance Co. Ltd, were set up by the Government of Mauritius and licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius in 2015 to conduct long-term and general insurance businesses respectively.

NIC proudly serves, protects and empowers one of the largest client base of 160,000, people and businesses combined, of all sizes and from all walks of life, to move forward in life and business.




We aim to be the company of choice for insurance and other financial products and services on the local and international markets, and a meaningful contributing partner for the prosperity of all stakeholders.


We adopt a more sustainable approach to doing business and play a broad economic and societal role, by serving, protecting and empowering our customers, business partners, employees, salesforce, shareholder, local communities, and the nation at large. 

We contribute to their financial security, protection and prosperity, growth and success, through a culture of elevated care and service, innovative and personalised products and services, and community outreach programmes.


Our DNA defines who we are and what makes us different. It encompasses our core values and behaviour which we live through our 5Rs organisational culture built around: Respect, Relationship, Responsibility, Rigour, and Results.

These principles guide our thoughts, decisions, and actions in our mission to Serve, Protect and Empower our customers, business partners, employees, salesforce, shareholder, local communities, and the nation at large.